Posted by: Open Air Lifestyles, LLC | September 8, 2010

Top Tips For Purchasing Patio Furniture

In the market to buy high quality, long lasting outdoor furniture for your home? Here are some points to consider:

Specialty patio stores, department stores and full-online furniture stores are the best places to look

2. Make sure all of the metal frames are created from aluminum and NOT steel (steel will rust, aluminum will not rust)

3. Take the “thump test”. Good quality, heavy wall aluminum frames will have a “thud” sound when thumped.  Cheap, thin wall aluminum frames will have a “tink” sound when thumped

4. Are the fabrics truly outdoor fabrics? Have the fabrics  been “UV” Tested?

5. Sit in the furniture- is it comfortable and roomy?

6. Notice the cushions- do they feel really light and too soft? If so, they are made only with fiber which will flatten or “pancake” in no time, leaving you with a saggy cushion that is uncomfortable

7. Look at the foot glides and any end caps that fit into the metal end cuts. Do they match the frame finish? Quality manufacturers will match these to the frame finish

8. Are the furniture legs supported by braces? When you sit in the furniture do the legs “walk” or tend to spread out? Braces will eliminate this design defect

9. If nuts, bolts and washers are used, are they stainless steel or regular steel? Stainless steel hardware is more durable and will not rust. Regular steel will rust.

10. TRICK- beware that some poor quality manufacturers will put steel rods into the aluminum frames to make the thin wall aluminum frame feel substantial. If this is the case, due to the condensation that naturally develops inside the hollow aluminum frames, the steel will quickly rust and the stains will seep out leaving stains on the furniture and the patio or deck surface.

Bottom line, looks can be deceiving. Some stores present some nice “looking” furniture but the quality is not as good as the quality of furniture you will likely find in specialty patio stores, department stores or high-end online furniture stores. If you are in the market, consider one of the most recognized brands for quality, style and comfort- Open Air Lifestyles, LLC Furniture.  Visit our website to view the entire line and to locate an authorized Winston dealer in your area and you’ll understand why all of our customers say “We love our Open Air Furniture”!!



  1. Still looking for a metal side table, have considered having one manufactured however do not
    wish to shell out thousands only for a small table

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