Posted by: Open Air Lifestyles, LLC | July 24, 2014

Luxury Cast Aluminum Is Tops With Customers In 2014.

The mid-summer season is upon us and our luxury cast aluminum patio furniture has been on top of the best seller list in 2014.  Open Air Lifestyles is actively involved in the manufacturing process from it’s inception and design, to final assembly and finishing details, ensuring your outdoor patio furniture meets the highest quality of standards.

Leda Padded Sling

Our cast aluminum furniture begins with 356.2 aluminum ingot directly imported from Australia. We never use old window frames, soda cans or other sources that would compromise the aluminum due to the impurities that degrade the quality.

Each piece of our cast aluminum collections are meticulously crafted, die casted and finished to perfection, paying special attention to every small detail.  The results speak for itself. Feel the smoothness of our handcrafted welds and compare the consistency of our fit and finish.  The underside of each piece is finished as beautifully as the tops.  It’s the least you should expect from high end cast aluminum outdoor furniture.

Open Air Lifestyles uses the highest quality metals and fabrics so our designs are timeless and their unprecedented look will last forever.

The Amaila Collection

Please visit our website at to find your next set of luxury outdoor patio furniture. Our commitment to quality is your key to a beautiful outdoor living space.



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