Posted by: Open Air Lifestyles, LLC | January 25, 2012

Open Air Lifestyles, LLC Offers Their Unique Line of Cast Aluminum Outdoor Patio Furniture For 2012

If you take a few minutes and browse the web, one thing becomes painfully obvious.  There are countless places to purchase cast aluminum patio furniture.  This leads us as the consumer to the next dilemma.  Where should I buy my new furniture from?  Open Air Lifestyles, LLC answers this question with an exclamation point.  With a variety of styles to choose from, Open Air Lifestyles, LLC can help you make your selection with confidence.  Whether it’s deep seating, dining, lounging, umbrellas, or bar height set configurations Open Air Lifestyles, LLC gives you a number of options to help fill that outdoor space for years and years to come.  If you are interested in purchasing cast aluminum patio furniture, value and quality should be first on your checklist when it comes decision time.

Open Air Lifestyles, LLC believes in giving you the most “bang for your buck” and recognizes your hard earned dollar.  Not only do they have stylish and unique furniture designs but, they carry a large line of durable long lasting cast aluminum products ranging from dining to deep seating.  With Open Air Lifestyles, LLC’s in house design-team they continually look to produce strong fully welded furniture products that will be able withstand the harsh outdoor environments.  One great attribute that they apply to all of their cast aluminum products is that they have a finished molded design on both front and back of all of their chairs, whereas most of the furniture manufacturers on the market do not.  This leads to an unfinished (one dimensional) look when you look at the backs of most cast aluminum dining chairs.  Additionally Open Air Lifestyles, LLC’s cast aluminum line is “fully welded”. This not only increases the longevity and durability of the consumer’s purchase but, offers a very substantial piece of furniture that the consumer will not have to fight with to assemble for two hours prior to being able to actually sit down and enjoy.  KD or otherwise known as “Knock-Down” furniture are molded pieces of aluminum that have to be assembled with nuts, bolts, washers etc.  This type of furniture design usually at some point in time, leads to a regular maintenance of tightening the hardware due to the temperature changes in the outdoor environment.  All of their cast aluminum pieces are fully welded with the exception of their tables and motion pieces (i.e. swivel dining chairs, lounge backs).  Each piece of cast aluminum furniture goes through an extensive five stage powder-coat process to efficiently protect the cast aluminum.  This electrostatic process ensures a long lasting finish that prevents peeling or cracking under the harsh outdoor elements.  They offer a choice of matte black, bronze or cinnamon colored finishes to choose from.

Open Air Lifestyles, LLC is located in Michigan just outside of the Detroit metropolitan area, where they continually work on new trending designs and using only genuine materials on the market.  They pride themselves on offering the best quality at an affordable price which in turn promises to please the consumer with high end furniture that will last a life time.  You can inquire about their full product line at: or call 1-877-548-5697 for more information.  For commercial inquiries visit:, there they have a full line of dining sets, deep seating sets, chaise lounges and bar height sets ranging from wicker to cast aluminum designed for the commercial environment.


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