Posted by: Open Air Lifestyles, LLC | August 19, 2011

Open Air Lifestyles, LLC adds new QR Codes To Advertising

Following the successful implementation of the LinkedIn API,  luxury patio furniture manufacturer Open Air Lifestyles, LLC has introduced ‘Quick Response’ codes in its online and paper mailing adverstising.

Created by a Toyota subsidiary in 1994, the QR code is a specific matrix barcode readable by higher-end mobile phones with cameras. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background.

Once a photo of the barcode has been taken using a smartphone, the user is taken directly to the Open Air Lifestyles, LLC website.

Open Air Lifestyles, LLC operations manager Alex Betten explained: “The increase in mobile phone traffic to our site made the implementation of QR codes in our product adverts a natural development.

Mr. Betten emphasized that given the company’s growth in 2011 and the increased traffic to its website, the implementation of QR codes will create further accessibility to commercial and residential sales opportunities for years to come. We like to be on the cutting edge of technology, not only in our outdoor patio furniture design but in how we present our Collections to our customers, making a very-experience.


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