Posted by: Open Air Lifestyles, LLC | August 15, 2011

Fundamentals To Create A Real Outdoor Oasis

The outdoor room fundamentals

Creating an outdoor room is relatively simple to be honest. For the concept to really work, you should look to encompass a simple cooking and eating area, pulled together with some kind of heating, be it a fireplace, chiminea or a free-standing outdoor gas patio heater. At the top end of the scale, the American outdoor room could feature a full outdoor kitchen, complete with full food preparation counters, sinks, plumbing, and even a dishwasher and fridge to negate the need to have to go back and forth carting cutlery, crockery and food outside. Accessories such as landscaping, lighting, sculptures, high quality outdoor furniture and decor accessories, will all help to create the desired visual effect. Successfully creating a practical and inviting outdoor room is less about the quantity of products used, and more about creating a cohesive design that is functional, comfortable and that has an attractive and user-friendly flow to it. Open Air Lifestyles, LLC’s tips to getting the indoor outdoor look right are as follows:

  • Create a wish list
    This will be defined by understanding what the outdoor room will be used for and then deciding on what the must-have and the nice-to-have items are. The beauty of this, is that you can collect these pieces that are necessary to start then add at your convenience, until you have everything you have ever dreamed of for your ideal outdoor room.
  • Review your home’s style
    It is essential that your outdoor room complements your home – it should accentuate your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces. As such you should have a clear understanding of your home’s architectural and decor style when designing your outdoor room, and choose the products accordingly.
  • Consider warmth and cooking
    These two elements are key to a successful outdoor room – the fireplace and lounging area should stand as focal features, the cooking and eating areas should blend in as secondary design elements, and then thereafter, all the other accessories and features.
  • Finding luxury outdoor furniture
    Selecting the right furniture is paramount to the success of your outdoor room, as it will define your levels of comfort while you are enjoying it. Regardless of style, the aim of outdoor furniture is to add beauty and character, as well as improving the overall experience of the area. In addition to the standard tables and chairs, also consider adding chaise lounges, couches, side tables, coffee tables and oversized scatter cushions.

There are so many options to help make your indoor/outdoor space look stylish. However, the big question is can we have all achieve that gorgeous ‘magazine’ styling whilst still using durable, easy-to-care-for items that will stay looking good for many years to come or will it fade/weather and look worn out after a single summer? When it comes to materials, now more than ever the gap has been bridged between cheap and quality materials for the outdoors.  High end resin wicker furniture today the two best brands are Viro and Rehau.  In a cast aluminum patio furniture set, make sure the manufacturer is using good quality aluminum and not what we in the industry call “remelt.”   How will I know the difference you may ask? Here are a few good clues to help you identify quality furniture from cheap stuff.

1. Remelt furniture will have impurities in the aluminum, thus the casting is not smooth and you will see air holes or pits in the aluminum furniture.

2. The tencil strength of the furniture is very low, giving you less durability.  So if your chair or table breaks easily after a short amount of time, this could be your answer.

Many people in the US are beginning to find that perfect outdoor patio furniture and outdoor fabrics have come a long way since the plastic-coated vinyl of the 1970’s. Companies such as Sunbrella and many other high-end outdoor fabric manufacturers are being praised for their wide selection of colours, styles and textures. Really good outdoor fabrics don’t come cheap mind you, so if that set your buying seems like the “best deal ever”, you may be getting imitation Sunbrella fabric.

It doesn’t matter what type of outdoor furniture your looking at, resin wicker, cast aluminum, teak or aluminum sling, ask the good questions about the materials, the warranty the manufacturer provides  (including the fine print) and the little simple questions that will ensure that your outdoor investment is a long term good one.  Open Air Lifestyles, LLC can help answer any of the questions you may have. We can offer suggestions to make sure that you are receiving the style and comfort you are requiring, and that it will be outdoor furniture you will have for years to come. If you don’t see anything you like in our current inventory, we are proud to offer custom outdoor furniture designs and ability to fit every and all your requirements.


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